Sale’s or Perforce Entry (2019 Elections)

So as was the case in 2011 & 2015 the presidential elections has been postponed… What’s the full jist behind this? We can never be too certain as to what to believe when it comes to issues concering Nigeria.
Is the Inec chairman under duress? Is he workimg under the influence of one of the big guns?
Or is he averting a terrible work of indiscretion against Nigeria?

Am not really surprised when things like this happens again in Nigeria, my whole factor and concern is on how Nigerians who are crying for change in governance and administration of power in Nigeria are taking this election as if Nigeria’s operating a Binary Political party system…
There’s a total of 73 (Seventy three) political candidates for 2019’s presidentian election; and every one is basically fixated on Buhari and Atiku. Out of a total of five (5) Democratic presidential elections conducted in Nigeria from February 27th 1999 to the supposed today 16th February 2019, President M. BUHARI has contested in four (4) losing in three (3) of these his runnings for the presidency, he’s finally won and ultimately done nothing in office (my personal views though) and yet he still wants to run.

Nigerians has to wake up from this slumber, we are glad and giddy when we hear the Likes of Emmanuel Macron being a young individual rising to the highest position in a State, we are glad of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, the works and rise of Bill Gates in his youth, but as Nigerians even the youths been mostly political apathetic do not concern themselves with the core intricacies of the happenings and their reasons in Nigeria… we’ve a young person running for President or should I say a score of young individuals in the current list of 73 presidential candidates… Take Fela Durotoye for example (not that am endorsing him, shoot! I am..)

There’re seventy one other choices for us to make, damn!!

The man is a young person, putting aside plans (which is overall important) here’s an individual whose young and new face and chance in changing the current status quo of our current government, but individuals tend to work and go with familiarities even though it’s killing them in their faces.

There’s anew light emerging in Nigeria; the supposedly lazy youths are waking up and beginning to stand on the frontlines of government and other important sectors of the Nigerian society and economy, they may not be able to play the political game the way it’s always been played but the fact that there is a little light, a ray of hope… it should be cherished and nutured till it becomes a bright blazing light eradicating any trace of stale and old in Nigeria.

Nigerians has been speaking concerning this trend and issue, it’s been hyped though due to the current postponement of the election dates; some views are presented here:

Nigerians do always tend to complain about the current governments we find ourselves under, no one person would sufficiently please a country of 170 million people, that’s the truth of it… but if we’re only gonna be complaining about a particular set of people over a set time of years, then we should check our desire to see the change we all yearn for in Nigeria.

It’s amost like a scam now! The idea of democratic voting and election has been basterdised, political candidates take their rise into power as going to the supermarket and purchasing their seat and way into power. Vote Buying, rigging, political payoffs, bribery…

Overall; most of these individuals do not have the best interest of Nigeria or Nigerians at heart: tie up loose ends, pay up their selves and bank accounts, eat of the national cake. Two sides of the same coin

The truth is, if we want a change the change has to be totally and completely attained; Nigeria has to reach a level where there’s no trace of rigging or any of the other known shady acts associated with elections, free and fair has to be as it is and not just meaning that there was no blood shed or violence during the electoral process. The youths seeking the rise in governance and admistrative power has to come into power in a clean and evil free way and process. I dare say this is very much attainable if we but believe and put ourselves as Nigerians to it…

This current political powers have understood the game of politics and the hearts and thoughts patterns of Nigerians. Most Nigerians are already backing out and showing vexation towards the postponed election date. If we want to make this work in Nigeria we’ve to be able to reason as these political giants are and outwit them in their own game… come out en mass and vote for the right choice… think of our choices again and vote for the right choice, I don’t think this can be overemphasized.

Good work to the corp members who risked it out in servitude to their country, an unrelenting spirit is whats needed, we may die but our blood will continue our cry for change and freedom.


Hidden Treasure (PoetryFriday)

What you’re searching for has been made available to you. Open your eyes and heart and discover the magic spot marked “X”.


We’re all familiar with the film or storyline plot of X marks the spot. Great novels, Movies, games and so much more has been created with this as a theme, just to mention a few; Sponge Bob square pants, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Lara Croft Tomb Raider ( both in movies and gaming) and more.

This holds facination expecially when it comes down to films of fantasy, with the captain and his crew the boatswain, sailors and their voyage through the sea, you tend to tuck your leg underneath you and be glued to your tv screen with a tasty bowl of Popcorn and soda with you. Many of such storylines have been built on myths and legends of old times, and I’ve learnt that in every legend or myth there’s always an iota of truth in it: King Arthur and his sword Excalibur, The lost city of Atalantis, Heracules and so on…

Man has always been in search of something greater than himself, a force or special power that will help him overcome or surpass the limitations of humanity, Alchemist and their search for the Elixir of life or the Philosophers stone, which ultimately was one and the same thing, Astrologers and their search for the Cosmical egg, the fountain of youth, the garden of Eden and so many other supposed force of power that can surpass the level of human reasoning and understanding. What man hasn’t fully wanted to accept is that the force or medium of connectivity to power resides in you. It’s as always known, in life there two forces; Good & Evil, where you channel your inner linking to is where you’ll find your spot marked “X”

As with the case and trend in the Nigerian society, the youths of this time see their “X” in the need to get quick money and fame through ritualistic and dubious means. Theft of women underwear and body parts as a criteria of the ritualistic practices is rampant as of this age, such individuals has undeniable seen their spot marked “X” in this ungodly and grotesque sense of livelihood. Cases of kidnappings, armed robbery and killings has long been heard that it seems almost unnatural for such news not to be told once in a while. It boils down to where you’ve discovered your ‘X’.

As we have the psychological deranged guys who do such atrocities, we also have folks who put to use their faculties and generate sources of income and employment from nothing, innovations and ideas being brought into light as a show that an individual’s ‘X’ has been found.

The spot marked ‘X’ to you is not a one time event or occurance, ‘X’ is synonymous to treasure, something new and breathtaking you had no idea or inclination existed but you want to take hold of. It’s the means by which we attain our individual treasures that define our stance and image in the sands of time.

Find your ‘X’, there’re tons of treasures to be found withing you, but the question is what force do you incline to depend on on your quest, Good or Evil?

PoetryFriday (Songs of Old)

Song’s of old, born out of tribulations and upheavals of old time saints… Simging these songs sometimes just gives me the chills, it sends currents down my spine, goosebumps up my arms.

I do wonder what ream of glory the saints of old touched and operated in that more 5 decades after their deaths their songs, lyrics and melodies still outlive them and foretells their testimony as believers.

PoetryFriday (Faith)

…but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. Matthew 21:21

Without faith its impossible to please God! This is whats written in the scriptures.. as a christian I do have faith, for its by faith through grace am saved and renewed, how else would I say I believe in a God whom sometimes all facts point to the denial of his existence. But I hold unto something greater than believeing what I see or can physically relate with, “The hope and Glory of Salvation”.

I learnt a valuable lesson recently about believing and having faith about an issue but not wholly committing my self to that belief. The way or general flow of things tend to hinder a belivers belief in a certain situation and that impedes our full commitment to wholly giving ourselves in faith. It’s general believed and deemed impossible to bring the dead back to life and as a believer you know what the scriptures says concering this and you set your will to believe and exercise faith only for the general view from the world to cut short your belief ” Can I do it?, won’t people mock me if I fail?” Questions such as these and the way we’ve structured our minds limits our faith.

For one thing to be clear, God does not need our Faith for him to show himself strong, such cases are seen in the old and new testament: the dead dry bones of Elisha reviving a dead man, some of Jesus’ healing works, the leper at the beautiful gate. This are examples were miracles were carried out without the smallest inclination to faith.

As a christian I believed and had faith but sometimes personally disbelived while still believeing thus holding two sides of the same coin simultaneously, lol (funny right). I did this so that when the results come out I won’t be disappointed, I’ll say” well I did belive it and it came to fulfillment or I did not fully give myself to it and it didn’t work” either way it seems am unscathed but my spirit man is seriously grieved. Abraham had faith and for several years held unto the promise of a child from God, he staggered not in unbelief but waxed strong in faith, neither did he consider the deadness of Sarah’s womb to be an hindrance to his faith.

Of a truth, we can’t do this alone, that’s why we have the Lord of mercy and truth, the Holy Spirit of comfort as our guide.

Listen to him.


Okay! I’ve always heard and subconsciously believed this notion that Lagos is a crazy place to reside in, everyone’s a hustler; striving hard to make ends meet, but, until now that I’ve witnessed this for myself: Gosh am in awe of how hectic Lagos is…

Apparently am here with the same notion that brings folks to Lagos, “I wanna make Money!” J in comparison to the standard of living in my locale of residence which is Abuja, you need to have money to survive in Lagos ( errrmm, which is the same as staying in Abuja too. lol!): most of the houses in Abuja are empty due to the insanely explosion in rents and housing fees, Lagos is saved that condition though cause people believe Lagos is where money can be easily made so free houses and empty spaces are treasure troves in Lagos.

One thing that sent my boots flying off my feet though is the ridiculous hike in transportation here Lagos, as if the traffic you face in almost every street or avenue in Lagos isn’t enough: traffic situations that will make you start wishing you didn’t leave your house in the first place, nut compared to Abuja transportation in Lagos is pretty steep.

I went on a visit to my cousin in Ogba and I had to stop at two different bus-stops first before getting there from Iyana Ejigbo, on my way there the conversations that some of my close Folks that reside in Lagos tell me, about pick pockets and guys that use dubious means to charm people of money and valuables was just ringing in my head: it got to a moment that I actually thought that I’ve been gotten, on my way back from Ogba I had to board a bus from there to Iyana Paja first and it was the normal Lagos routine of struggling for seat space in the yellow and black stripped bus of Lagos, I felt my watch loosen from my wrist and I thought “it has happened, and they warned me O!” but the heavens were o my side and I discovered it hanging from the door of the bus.

I do love outings and journeys and have embarked on certain long, ass tiring journeys, but Lagos is on another level, just one small trip within it and I was beat when I got back home. Sha money has to be made.